How to plant and grow Starfruit (Muzadibu) in Uganda

Learn How to Plant and Grow Starfruit in this cultivation guide prepared to help you start your own garden of starfruit in Uganda. Starfruit is locally known as muzadibu in Luganda. Growing Starfruit Tree in tropics is easy. Let’s see how you can grow your own start fruit tree(s) in your garden.

Growing Starfruit Tree from Seeds

Only large and thick seeds are suitable for propagation. Even seeds that were already removed a few days from the fruit are not viable. Fruits that you’ve bought from the seed markets like the ones in downtown Kampala usually have no viable seeds.

It is however important to note that instead of growing starfruit from seeds, it’s better to buy grafted saplings from a nearby nursery.

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Requirements for Starfruit Tree Growing you should know about


Starfruit grows in a variety of soil types but soil that is well-drained, loamy, and rich in organic matter is suitable.


The plant should be regularly watered when it’s young. Once established, water only when the soil is dry.


Fertilize young starfruit with 10-10-10 fertilizer every month, except in winter. Mature trees should be fertilized at the beginning of the growing season. Additionally, you can apply compost or manure to improve the soil texture.

Pests and Diseases

Starfruit is somewhat a pest-free tree. However, fruit flies and scales may attack it.

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Harvesting your Starfruit after maturity

After 3 years of planting starfruit blooms for the first time, flowers take around 2 months to become a fruit. Its green-yellow fruit is about 12 cm long and usually, have 5 longitudinal ribs. A ripe starfruit can be recognized by its yellow-orange flesh. It’s juicy and sweet and sour in taste. It has a high content of oxalic acid and is rich in vitamins A and C.

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