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How to plant and grow Okra in Uganda

Okra is a warm-season vegetable that grows well in Uganda. Okra is also a very good source of vitamin A. In Uganda, okra can be eaten in number of ways which can include boiling, fried and cooked in soups like beans, beef, cow peas among others. Some people especially women could warm it in a cup of hot water, leave for some time and then drink the water. The uses of okra are quite many. These are just a few of them.

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Varieties of Okra you should know about

Okra has a number of varieties you can grow. These include Blondy, Burgundy, Annie Oakley (compact), Cajun Delight, Clemson Spineless, Emerald, Velvet among others.

How to plant and grow Okra in your garden while in Uganda

Okra planted in UgandaOkra plant planted in Uganda

For good yields, okra must grow in full sunlight in fertile, well drained soils. We are lucky in Uganda almost everywhere you can get fertile well-drained soils for planting due to the good weather nature offers.

For best yields, okra is planted using direct planting in a well prepared garden. You will plant 2 seeds per hole 1 inch deep which will be 2 inches apart in arrow at least 3 feet apart.

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Caring for Okra during the growing season

Plants need care as grow if you are to get the best yield out of them. To care for okra, cultivate around the okra plants to remove weeds and grass. To avoid damaging the okra plants, you will need to pull weeds close to the plants by hands.

Fertilizers used while growing Okra

Should you feel like applying a fertilizer to add fertility to your soil, you can use folia fertilizer. You can access this fertilizer down town in container village. You should be able to buy it from there.

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What Insecticides can you use for Okra? 

There are also a number of insecticides you can use to keep insecticides at bay while growing okra. Insecticides such as rocket can be applied to do away with insects that affect the okra.

How much Okra can one plant produce?

If your okra plants have idea growing conditions, they can produce 20-30 pods per plant. So you to get the best out of your okra, it’s very important to ensure that okra plants are well looked after to get best yield out of them.

How marketable is Okra in Uganda?

If you want to invest in growing Okra, you be sure to have market for it. Go to Nakasero market located in Kampala business centre. You will find people selling and buying lots of Okra specifically due to its uses to our health. So, if you feel like trying it out, go ahead. It may do wonders for you.

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Are Okra seeds available for sale in Uganda?

Seeds for growing Okra are readily available in Uganda. You can find them in container village just near the old taxi park. However, you have to make sure you buy from a reputable seller as there are possibilities of selling you fake seeds.

Our conclusion

 As you have seen, Okra is one of the most nutritious plant rich in Vitamin A. It can also be a good source of income if you choose to grow it for money. So, if you feel like trying it out by either growing it for money or home consumption, please go ahead and give it a try. We are here to help.

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