Grade A Vanilla Beans From Uganda

 Vanilla From Uganda

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa with rolling hills and low mountains. It is believed that vanilla was first introduced to Uganda in the 1940s by British farmers.

Unlike other growing regions, vanilla grown in Uganda can be harvested twice a year, in December and in June or July, due to the country’s distinct weather patterns. Although vanilla-pollinating bees do live in Uganda, they are too few and far between to be of much use, so Ugandan beans are hand-pollinated. The beans are best picked when the ends become slightly yellow and split. Then, they go through a blanching, sweating and storing process similar to that of Madagascar.

The Vanilla beans cultivated in Uganda have a creamy tasting just  like the Madagascar Bourbon, but slightly sweeter, with notes of chocolate.

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Uganda Vanilla Beans – All You Need To Know

Frequently called the green gold from the pearl of Africa, Ugandan vanilla beans are a superb expansion to the universes most adored flavor. Uganda, while not presently a tremendous maker of vanilla worldwide has come to be known for creating great vanilla beans.

High in vanillin content and noticeably unique in relation to their Madagascar vanilla bean peers, Uganda keeps on being very unnoticed by most purchasers for vanilla.

Why You Should Consider Buying Uganda Vanilla Beans

Well according to a specialized point of view Ugandan vanilla comes from the orchid vanilla planifolia, similar types of vanilla filled in Madagascar, Indonesia, and initially local to Mexico and Belize. It is a level leafed vanilla orchid that has been financially taken on worldwide because of its significant degree of vanillin content, bigger harvests and in general capacity to effectively be filled in regions 10-20 levels of the equator.

Uganda is impeccably situated to catch vanilla greatness however burglary, absence of provisions and precariousness on costs keep on being quite difficult for its cultivators who are incredulous assuming the world is truly prepared to economically sustain them.

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Why Choose Flawless Consultants Limited for Ethically Sourced Vanilla Beans?

We hope you get as much satisfaction from this ground vanilla powder in your recipes as we do in bringing it to you. Flawless Consultants Limited is about a lot more than Vanilla. We are a company that is passionate about helping people. We strive to improve communities in Uganda by providing training and resources to micro-farmers.

Then they can raise the yield and quality of their crops, thereby improving their financial security. Flawless Consultants Limited is focused on assisting around 200 micro-farmers in areas of Mukono, Bundibugyo, Ankole, Busoga among others with plans to double that number within a year. When you purchase Flawless Consultants Limited products remember this; you’re not only getting the world’s most delicate vanilla; you’re also doing a world of good.

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Your premium gourmet vanilla bean is imported directly from Ugandan farmers.

Whether you are pastry chefs, ice cream makers, chocolate makers, cosmetics or breweries, enhance your culinary creations with our premium gourmet vanilla pod hand-selected. With high humidity and vanillin, vanilla is supple and oily. Very popular and coveted by chefs, it will transcend the flavors of your creations.

Grading the beans requires know-how in terms of size, appearance, vanillin rate, and fragrance. Graded beans go for packing in carton. The bourbon vanilla requires so much time before export. We know all this. That is why we are your best partner for vanilla bean supply to your company.
Whether you are looking for gourmet vanilla, black vanilla, vanilla extract or even powder or vanilla caviar, get it at the best price, whatever the quantity you want, directly from Uganda, we are always here to serve you.

Our Product features:

  • Grade A Bourbon Vanilla Beans 13 - 20 cm long
  • Flawless consultants Limited Reserve Vanilla Beans are the highest quality vanilla beans
  • Our vanilla pods are plump, oily, black/dark brown, and contain 30-35% moisture
  • Perfect in baked goods, cheesecakes, custards, crème Brulee, ice cream, and sweetbreads
  • Ethically sourced and grown by a micro-farmer cooperatives in Uganda
  • Hand selected with the most acceptable curing process and vacuum-sealed to retain freshness

The Different Uses and Varieties of Bourbon Vanilla Beans

Bourbon Vanilla is a generic term for Vanilla Planifolia and is the variety of vanilla most commonly used for producing vanilla extract. Vanilla Planifolia stock originated in Mexico, vanilla’s birthplace, but took cutting was to other tropical regions in the 1700s. This type of vanilla is ideal for use in baking and desserts such as ice cream and crème Brulee. In the 1800s, the French developed large plantations on the Bourbon Islands (now called Reunion) off the coast of Madagascar, hence the name Bourbon Vanilla. The term has no relation to Bourbon alcohol.

Some Vanilla Facts You Should Know

  • Nearly 30% of Americans choose vanilla as their No. 1 ice cream flavor.
  • Only the Melipona bee, found in Central America, can pollinate vanilla. In Uganda, humans replicate the process by hand using a needle.
  • The flower produces the vanilla bean lives for only one day.
  • Vanilla beans are hand-picked and then cured, wrapped, and dried in a process that can take between two and six months depending on the weather.
  • Vanilla vines grow 30-50 feet tall, supported by a host tree since its a creeping plant.

How is Ugandan Vanilla different from that of Madagascar?

Uganda produces some of the absolute best vanilla beans in the world. The vanilla beans are high in vanillin content, favored by many manufactures for making vanilla extract and have a rich flavor profile that stands up well in baking applications.

Bourbon style vanilla pods from Uganda are significantly different than Madagascar vanilla beans. Ugandan vanilla beans are quite supple with a dark brown to black appearance usually a bit heavier than Madagascar.

Each country or regions imparts a certain element of character that distinguishes one vanilla bean from the other. The appearance is overshadowed by the rich, earthy, milk chocolate like aroma that pairs perfectly with many desserts.

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What is the best Grade of vanilla Beans In Uganda?

There are two grades that most people are familiar with: Grade A Prime Gourmet, which is about 30% moisture, and Grade B Extract, which is about 20% moisture.  Grade A should be used for cooking and can be used for making extract. 

Grade B should be used for making vanilla extract.  Grade B is usually too dry to scrape the caviar out, although you might be able to do so with some beans.

Most of the times the beans are grouped together for easy  distinguishing. They even have different prices. Grade A has a higher price than Grade B.

Difference between Grade A and Grade B Uganda Vanilla Beans?

Very often you will hear terms like “Grade A Vanilla” and “Grade B Vanilla” if you are to deal in vanilla. These are terms that you have to be familiar with and understand very well. So, we have endeavored to describe them for you so that once you someone tells them to you, you will be well conversant with them. We shall also look at the characteristics of each grade of vanilla beans so that you understand everything properly. Here is the description below. 

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Grade-A beans (Usually called "Gourmet Vanilla beans")

These are visually more beautiful Vanilla beans. Due to their high quality and versatility of use, grade-A vanilla beans are typically more expensive. Grade A Vanilla is about 30% moisture, Grade A should be used for cooking and can be used for making extract.

Grade-B Vanilla Beans

Grade-B Vanilla beans are visually less appealing because they are much more dry and brittle. Grade B Vanilla beans are about 20% moisture. These should be used for making vanilla extract. They are also usually too dry to scrape the caviar out, although you might be able to do so with some beans.

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What do Ugandan Vanilla beans taste like?

Vanilla beans that are produced in Uganda are much rarer than the first three types and have an incredible flavor profile and aroma. These beans are similar in flavor to the creamy Madagascar beans, but are sweeter with a hint of milk chocolate which compliments dishes that also include chocolate.

What is Uganda Vanilla used for?

The largest use of vanilla is for ice cream preparations. It has widespread use in enhancing consumer acceptance of yogurt products, and it is added to both alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Baked foods, such as cookies, brownies, and cakes. Vanilla is also flavors syrups, custards, and puddings.

Growing Vanilla In Uganda

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