How to plant and grow Jackfruits in Uganda

Its very important if you want to learn more about how to plant and grow Jackfruit in Uganda to know about the history of Jackfruits. Jackfruits are a native to tropical Asia, the Jackfruit is a giant melon size or long fruit that is grown in the tropical parts of the world like Uganda.

Jackfruit is found almost everywhere in the central, Eastern and Western parts of Uganda. Commonly known as Feene in Luganda and Lusoga, jackfruit is one of the most enjoyed fruits in Uganda. Most people have turned to selling it in town.

Some sort it and part it in polythene bags and sell it in markets, and road sides and many buy it for the fact is, its sweet!!

Now, let’s see how you can plant and grow Jackfruits in Uganda.

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How can you plant and grow a Jackfruit tree in while in Uganda

Jackfruit can be propagated from stems, but it is rather a difficult method, that is why seed germination is preferred. For this, take large seeds from fully ripe fruit and rinse them in warm water to remove sticky pulp. Sow the seeds immediately after that in a small pot so that you can transplant it later on the ground.

However, Jackfruit seeds grow with a lot of ease without even going through such a process. As long the soils are conducive for germination, the seeds won’t find it hard to grow!

Planting a Jackfruit tree is ease. Choose a big open space of your garden that receives full sun, clear it from weeds, and dig a hole. Transplant your healthiest plant in the dug space, water it, and mulch all around. Jack-fruit tree grows in hot and humid regions of Uganda.

Jackfruit is mainly grown in the central, western and eastern regions of the country despite the fact that many households in other parts of the country have Jackfruit trees in their gardens.

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Know pests and diseases of Jackfruits you should know about

The most common pests that attack it are jack-fruit borer, fruit flies, and birds.
Jack-fruit borer affects all parts of the plant, but the use of organic insecticide is enough to deter it. On the other hand, covering the fruits is a handy option to save them from fruit flies and birds.

Harvesting Jackfruits from your Jackfruit trees in your farm

Within three to six years after planting, the jack tree starts to flower, and in two-three months after blossoming, young and unripe green skinned fruits are ready to be picked as a vegetable.

Mature fruits are ready to harvest after four-five months of flowering when they exude sweet aroma, and their skin turns from green to yellowish tinge.

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Our Conclusion

The Jackfruit seeds are a good source of starch (22%) and dietary fibre. The meal is categorized as a low GI meal. The low GI could be due to the collective contributions from dietary fibre, slowly available glucose and un-gelatinized (intact) starch granules in the seeds. After you knowing this information, it would be very good for you to have a jackfruit tree in your garden…

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