How to select goats for cross breeding while in Uganda

There are several issues that you as a farmer must consider before selecting breeding varieties. Among these include whether they are breeding for meat or milk. Whereas all goats can produce meat, not all of them can produce milk. For milk goats, farmers should use the Toggenburg and Saanen breeds.

If are going to breed for meat, Mubende crossed with Boers or Savanna is good. This is because both of these are big, hence producing off-springs that carry these traits.

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Avoid mating related animals because this reduces productivity and increases incidences of diseases. Inbreeding leads to a reduction in fertility, poor growth and stunted off-springs, low survival rate of off-springs.

In breeding can be avoided by frequently replacing breeding males and castrating all males related to current female stock that are not required for breeding.

Goats multiply fast. Savanna and Boer goats can produce at least five kids every two years. This means that if you have two (2) females, they will give ten (10) kids after two years. By the end of the second year, their first off-springs should also be delivering and depending on the number of female goats, you can easily have multiplied your herd to at least 30 in two years.

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Do not buy goats for breeding from open markets. This is because most of them have been discarded by their owners due to several weakness including sickness, poor growth, poor delivery among other issues. Get your goats for breeding from a farm with proven kidding history and management records.

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