Growing Moringa Trees In Uganda

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Moringa Leaves

Moringa Leaves

If you are living in Uganda, this is a must grow plant in your garden. It is a low care plant, drought tolerant and rarely needs any fertilizer. However, it needs regular pruning to be in shape.

In a nutshell, you need to learn how to grow MORINGA in your garden while in Uganda. The tree flourishes well in Masindi, in western Uganda because the soils in this particular district and weather patterns are favourable for its growth.

However the tree can grow in Buganda (central region) and part of Eastern Uganda like Jinja, Iganga, and Kamuli.

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Requirements for Growing Moringa Trees in your garden

Site Location
You should plant your Moringa tree in a location that is sunny and less windy and receives at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. This helps the trees to flourish very well.

The soil on which you intend to plant your Moringa trees should be deep, rich in organic matter, fertile and well-draining. Moringa is adapted to a wide range of soil types, but grows best in well-drained loam to clay loam, neutral to slightly acidic soils, but cannot withstand prolonged water logging. So if your soil is made up clay soil, then it cannot favour Moringa growth.

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Watering the plant
Water the plant moderately when it is young, once established you don’t need to water it unless there is severe drought conditions. its advisable to water the plant very early in the morning and late in the evening. This will allow water retention in the soil since the ground will also be cool.

When growing Moringa tree, you don’t need to fertilize it. Instead feed the plant with manure or compost and it will thrive well. If the plant is not growing well, you can apply general purpose fertilizer during the growing period. Cow dung and chicken droppings can be very good general fertilizers.

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Benefits of Moringa tree to your health

Delicious flavor

You can make delicious and digestive curry powder and many other Ugandan Moringa recipes from its fruit/seedpod or leaves.

Rich in nutrients

Medicinal benefits of Moringa are described in ancient Ayurvedic scripts, recent medicinal studies also found its importance, that’s why it is termed as miracle tree or a tree of life.
Moringa is rich in protein, Vitamins C and A, potassium and iron. It is fibrous a lot that using it in diet can cure constipation and other digestive problems. Some of the other crucial uses of Moringa to human health are listed below. These are enough to keep you away from hospital for ages…

• improves digestion
• eliminates constipation
• anti-fungal
• detoxification
• anti-ulcers
• improves wound healing
• strengthens immune system
• improves vision
• normalizes blood pressure
• normalizes blood sugar
• appetite suppressant
• stimulates hair growth
• acts as an antioxidant
• increased mental clarity
• enhances skin health
• increases energy and endurance
• anti-inflammatory
• anti-cholesterol
• anti-tumor
• treats UTIs

These above are some of the very good health benefits you get from using Moringa in your daily life.

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Make Herbal Tea

You can make a caffeine free herbal Moringa tea from it, adding a cup in your diet is enough. It has anti-aging properties and improves digestion. This in the long run helps to avoid many diseases that would result from the digestive system.

Natural purifier

Moringa seeds are used to purify water. They are natural water purifier, throw some of its seeds in water and wash your hand with it, it is antibacterial.

Attracts Pollinators

Its cream colored tiny flowers full of nectar attracts pollinators like hummingbirds or sun birds, butterflies, moths, honeybees and bumblebees. Squirrels also love to nibble its seeds.

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Moringa is very useful tree to our health that at least every home needs to have one in their garden specifically due to there many health benefits. You can actually keep away from tablets and the hospitals if you use it in your daily life as intended. With that said, we wish you the best in growing your MORINGA tree in your garden.

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