Buying A Simba Scrambler 250 motorcycle in Uganda

Before you buy A Scrambler 250 motorcycle in Uganda, I think you ought to know more about it. The Simba Scrambler 250 motorcycle goes in the opposite direction and takes on an off-road spirit — they're still recognizable as a standard motorcycle, but with longer suspension travel, spoke wheels and dirt bike-like handlebars, they showcase a dirt-loving personality.

Scrambler motorcycles were first intended for American use. However, its use also became popular in Europe. These motorcycles have been continuously modified since it has been created up until 1968. Interestingly, the very first version was 250cc while the second was 350cc. starting 1968, the third version of the scrambler motorcycle with 450cc was already out on the market.

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Buying a Simba Scrambler 250 motorcycle in Uganda

With retro styling making a comeback, this Scrambler is something to look forward to. The visually irresistible styling of the Motor head Scrambler tries to hark back to the classic heydays of motorcycling only to be disappointed by the chintzy cycle parts.

You get blacked out inverted front forks, around LED headlamp cluster and a stainless steel fender (no pun intended). Other scrambler ingredients include bar end mirrors, tires on spoke rims, a chiseled tank, a short padded seat, a slip-on steel muffler, and a spheroid tail light.  Contemporary additions include a digital speedometer and a USB charger.

Buying a locally used Simba Scrambler 250 motorcycle in Uganda

We usually get inquiries of people who would prefer to buy a locally used Simba Scrambler 250 motorcycle. This usually happens when may be one doesn’t have the required budget to get himself a brand new one.

However, used or second hand Simba Scrambler 250 motorcycle are hard to come by as most clients who buy them take long to dispose them off. It is rare to find one or I may say it is by luck to get one.

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Importing a Simba Scrambler 250 motorcycle from or any other part of the world

Some people would wish to import the Simba Scrambler 250 motorcycle. However, this motorcycle is well sold and serviced here in Uganda. So, there may not be need for you to import one for yourself. I would also think it’s much more cheaper and time saving to buy the Simba Scrambler 250 motorcycle which is already imported, registered and insured for you.

Availability of the Simba Scrambler 250 motorcycle spare parts in Uganda

Spare parts are readily available in Uganda. You can access them in various outlets around major towns in Uganda or from the authorized distributor in Kampala.

Reasons why people buy the Simba Scrambler 250 motorcycle in Uganda

If you a prospective buyer of the Simba Scrambler 250 motorbike, you would definitely be interested in knowing how the bike handles on the road. The ride quality is surprisingly enjoyable on the Scrambler because the motorcycle is not much heavy.

The flat and wide handlebar compliments the rider’s triangle, though the steering has a large turning radius. Seating position is relaxed and upright that also makes for a comfortable ride feel. The seat cushioning feels just about right. The seat height, however, is not accessible to riders of all sizes. And the pillion may complain about the seat length, the tight seating position and the absence of a grab-rail.

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Our Conclusion

Now that we have reached the end of the discussion, we hope that we have shed some light on what a Simba scrambler 250 motorcycle is, considering that it has resurfaced in the last couple of years. It might be difficult to understand at first, but with the detailed description that we have provided, we hope that you will be able to distinguish it apart from other popular motorcycles in Uganda today.

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