Buying A New Holland TT4.90 Tractor in Uganda

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A new New Holland TT4.90 tractor

A new New Holland TT4.90 tractor

A farm tractor is designed to pull farm equipment like ploughs, trailers, water bowsers among others, but modern tractors like the New Holland TT4.90 tractor can be outfitted with a variety of attachments to suit just about any farming need. For this reason, tractors are common-sense purchases for small and large-scale farmers alike in Uganda.

Buying a New Holland TT4.90 tractor in Uganda

Looking for a good tractor to use on your farm in Uganda is no easy job. As you look for a tractor to buy, you are most probably going to consider durability, reliability and may a price that can fit in your pocket. But we both know that is not always the case as some tractors tend to short live their life spans on the farm. So, how do you get to choose the right tractor to buy for yourself you may wonder? Personally, I would go for the New Holland.

The TT4 replaced the original Series TT which revolutionized the economy tractor market, when it was released to Uganda. The New Holland Series TT tractor delivers proven technology reliability, simplicity, and low cost of ownership, at a very economical price.

Have you visited the large commercial sugarcane plantations in Lugazi and kakira? You will find the New Holland tractors in those large plantations doing what they do best!!! I know there are other reputable brands on the market but you need to go in for a tractor that has been tested in the Ugandan soils and conditions and tell you what my friend, the New Holland TT4.90 tractor is one of them. Although the TT4.90 New Holland is lighter or has fewer horse powers compared to its bigger brother the TT4.90, it still does a heck of a job on the farm!

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Importing a New Holland TT4.90 tractor in Uganda

Some people may opt to import their own New Holland TT4.90 tractor. Usually people take this course of action due to lack of enough knowledge about the availability of these tractors in Uganda. But the New Holland TT4.90 tractors are readily available in Uganda for sale, brand new! You don’t need to import the tractor from abroad after all there will a lot of hustle for you to go through to deliver it here in Uganda. So, why don’t you just go the tractor bond and order, process and acquire yourself one with a lot of ease?!

General New Holland TT4.90 tractor features for Uganda

New Holland has designed and developed the all new TT4 around you, for maximum comfort and productivity. With 55, 65, 75 and 90 Hp on tap for responsive performance, distinctive styling and ergonomic operation. So, if not sure what to buy or feel alike your farm activities change often, then you have a wide of horsepower TT4 New Holland tractors to choose from. Now let’s look at some of the specifications for the New Holland TT4.90 tractor below

• Power (HP): 110.00
• Engine power: 65.7 kW
• Transport length: 4.131 m
• Transport width: 2.087 m
• Transport height: 2.589 m
• Travel speed: 36 km/h
• Transmission: 12x12
• Weight: 3.085 t
• Steering: h
• Displacement: 3.9 l
• Revolutions at max torque: 1400 rpm
• Max. torque: 340 Nm
• No. of cylinders: 4
• Emission level: Tier 4/Stage

Should you have more inquiries about the New Holland TT4.90 tractor’s specifications or the tractor as a whole, please don’t hesitate to send us a message directly or using WhatsApp or give us a call using our contacts.

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Alternatives of New Holland TT4.90 tractor in Uganda

We have a number of alternatives from other brands like John Deere Tractors, Taffe tractors, Massey Ferguson, Deutz Tractors among others. These are the most prominent in Uganda today.

Availability of the New Holland TT4.90 tractor spares parts in Uganda

The New Holland TT4.90 tractor has spares readily available in Uganda. With an authorized distributor in Uganda, spare parts and technical assistance is readily available to you. You even get warranty if you buy from the tractor bond.

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Our Conclusion

Today, New Holland is still associated with high-quality machines in agricultural industry. One major benefit of purchasing a tractor from a big brand like New Holland in Uganda is that it will be easier to find replacement parts when things go wrong.

Another benefit is the wealth of knowledge readily available on the internet for this brand. If you are in the market for a new machine in the agricultural industry, don't look past New Holland! All the best with your new New Holland TT4.90 tractor.

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