Buy a 2011 Honda Freed While In Uganda

Honda Freed is a mini MPV with production in 2008. It comes from Honda Motor Corporation the eighth largest automobile company that stands behind giants like General Motors, Volkswagen Group, Toyota, Hyundai, Ford, PSA and Nissan. This makes it competitive enough to satisfy the need of customers. With exposure in the domain of internal combustion engine, commercial vehicles and motorcycles; the true exposure to the diverse range of vehicles is given.

How do you buy a 2011 Honda Freed while in Uganda?

There are a number of ways you can buy the 2011 Honda Freed if you are in Uganda. Occasionally you could just go the car bond around town and check them out and see if you can find one. I usually prefer you go there physically so that you determine the price and physical state of the vehicle yourself or if you have someone you trust. He can do that for you so that you just come to pay for the vehicle.

On payment of the vehicle, you need to have a TIN in which your vehicle will be transferred. The car dealer will give you a date on which he will complete the sale processes like number plate registration, log book, insurance among other things. For 2011 Honda Freed can go for a price of around 24 to 28 million Uganda shillings. But still, it all depends on how you bargain with your car dealer.

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How do you import a 2011 Honda Freed into Uganda?

Well, there are some people who only wish to import their own vehicles into Uganda. And I know some who have done and continue to do it. They look a vehicle of their preference and then order for it. But what is the process of ordering a vehicle from Europe or Japan per say if you may ask yourself?

There are a number of car dealers i have dealt with will require you to look for a vehicle you need. In case you want a 2011 Honda Freed mini MVP. A dealer will most probably give you a quotation for the price of the 2011 Honda Freed. Basing on the price quotation for the 2011 Honda Freed, you can either bargain or go by the quoted price. If you reach an agreement on the price, the dealer will then make you an invoice having your details like names, email, physical address, your contacts plus the vehicle’s details you are to import.

On a 30% or 50% deposit of the cost of the vehicle, your car dealer will then ship the 2011 Honda Freed. After shipment, the car dealer will issue you a Bill of Lading (shipment receipt) so that you can truck your vehicle. As the vehicle reaches the your port in this case Mombasa, the remaining payment in expected to be made and a Bill of Lading surrender will be issued to you. From there on, you can proceed to clear your vehicle from customs.

2011 Honda Freed general review for Uganda

Honda Freed is the vehicle not that old, so the rich experience of the company is best implemented in the car. It is an all in one option with following advantages:

The spaciousness is enhanced by the three versions available for the car, the five seat van, the seven seat option and the eight seat version. This gives diverse range of customers ease to their expected level, making a mini customization effort on the go.

Honda Freed - Car Body
The vehicle comes with curves and bents that make it classy and comfortable. The unibody chassis facilitate in reduced crumple zone. It is light weight that has less impact on overall car body in case of damage. The colors that synchronize include the White, Black, Silver and Beige option that differs in prices as well. The Black stock is the most expensive least demanded option, while the White is the cheapest most preferred option.

For technology up gradation, the options available included the advance navigation system and Cruise Control. The year 2009 brought in hybrid version announcement that had the mass production started in 2011. The Freed was available with Honda Jazz/ City engine having the better torque.

The Honda Freed price was something that well justified the overall working mechanism of this Multi-purpose Van. Hence the vehicle is fully loaded price efficient option for sure, being demanded in both new and used market today.

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What is the resale value for the 2011 Honda Freed in Uganda?

The 2011 Honda Fit resale value in Uganda is rated at 2.5/5.0. Its not a common car in Ugandan subcompact Car market. Ugandans are not well versed with Honda cars due to lack of technical support in the country to handle the mechanical problems should the vehicle break down and mainly due to low resale value.

What are the problems of the 2011 Honda Freed while in Uganda?

The Toyota Prius is well-known for its outstanding reliability. People who own a 2011 Honda Freed rate it a perfect 3/5 for reliability. Some of the main problems of the 2011 Honda Freed is low ground clearance. This means you can’t go off roading with it as you will keep damaging the base of the vehicle. It would be advisable for you to keep on the tarmac.

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Are spares for the 2011 Honda Freed readily available in Uganda?

Due to the low sales of the 2011 Honda Freed in Uganda, spare parts are likely to be a problem due to the fact that spare part local importers bring in spare parts of vehicles are very popular in the country. It helps them make high that one point you need to watch if you are to buy the 2011 Honda Freed.

What competitors does the 2011 Honda Freed have in Uganda?

Well, in this category we have the Toyota Sienta and Mazda MPV.

Our Conclusion

The 2011 Honda Freed is an exceptionally efficient car at a relatively low price for people who care more about conservation than the act of driving. Given its success, the formula seems to have worked just fine.

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